Driving Master Class

This safe driving course is held in a fully-equipped area in the Monza circuit which is equipped with sprinklers and skid pads.

You will be at the wheel of quick cars, for example the Lotus Exige S, and your experience will start with a welcome coffee/tea break and enrollment operations for our guests. A theoretical part concerning vehicle dynamics and proper commands will follow the initial meeting. For every guest, a personal card will be given where our driving instructors will cast their judgments on different driving exercises (emergency braking, dodging of unexpected obstacles, oversteering and understeering, wet pavement driving tips, curves corrections and so on..). These data will compose each final and personal evaluation.
This driving activity improves the ability to manage critical situations that the driver can daily experiences. This is a "safe driving course" powered by Lotus Cars entertainment.

Circuit Company is in a partnership with Lotus Cars Ltd.
Out events are carried out driving several models of the English car manufacturer. Our fleet is composed of different models such as: Lotus Elise SC (220cv, 900kg) Lotus Exige S (240cv, 930kg), Lotus 2-11 (265cv, 675kg) and Lotus Exige V6 (350cv, 1180kg).

These cars are built with aeronautical techniques and they are light-weighted; they offer emotions and an aggressive behavior like racing cars even if they are user-friendly and safe with an ASB system, airbags and TCS (traction control system).
Our company benefits from the partnership with highly experienced driving instructors who have a specific and exclusive training for our incentive programs.
Our coaches are the result of a targeted selection; they are highly-trained instructors with a specific education on our incentive programs; they are objectively skilled and moreover, they can manage the relationship with our customer, also with motorsports beginners.
The aim is to let participants feel comfortable by creating a friendly and pleasant relationship onboard and at the box.
Coaching can be held in English too.