Incentive events

Your guests are going to live an unforgettable experience with Circuit Company.
We combine both unique elements: the best expression of four-wheeled sports, the most technical and pleasing circuits and the latest team building techniques with a special attention to tutoring and mental coaching services.

Our range of offers has the aim to entertain our guests with the highest level of fun: we push him/her to explore his/her skills by enjoying and discovering our cars in a safe environment.
Circuit Company is not even only a driving school or a car tester.
Our tailor-made incentive program for companies, which are interested in driving experiences, plans to be motivated by our instructors in order to reach unbelievable performance by living a highly satisfying and charged-up experience. Our teaching methods and our operational tools are focused on the obtaining of the highest result in the shortest time possible.
Cars and tracks are just two out of all the elements that compose your result: our instructors are specifically skilled and have a high-education level combined with a full know-how of vehicles, circuits and driving best practices.
Concentration, motivation and achievements are just some of all the elements that give to our teaching techniques a particular feature, crossing control skills and self-control abilities inside the cockpit of our cars. An individual evaluation system that concerns self-control, learning ability and car feeling is supplied; we are not talking about formal speed, we focus on necessary skills to achieve your best result.
The event can consider the creation of small teamworks to develop several driving experiences on Lotus Car models with a total rank and a final award ceremony for winners. A series of additional services can enhance and customize your event: a go-kart challenge on a specific racing circuit, meeting rooms with a breathtaking circuit-view, shuttle service from/to airports or train stations and obviously, catering and open bar specific offers.


Circuit Company is in a partnership with Lotus Cars Ltd.
Out events are carried out driving several models of the English car manufacturer. Our fleet is composed of different models such as: Lotus Elise SC (220cv, 900kg) Lotus Exige S (240cv, 930kg), Lotus 2-11 (265cv, 675kg) and Lotus Exige V6 (350cv, 1180kg).

These cars are built with aeronautical techniques and they are light-weighted; they offer emotions and an aggressive behavior like racing cars even if they are user-friendly and safe with an ASB system, airbags and TCS (traction control system).
Our company benefits from the partnership with highly experienced driving instructors who have a specific and exclusive training for our incentive programs.
Our coaches are the result of a targeted selection; they are highly-trained instructors with a specific education on our incentive programs; they are objectively skilled and moreover, they can manage the relationship with our customer, also with motorsports beginners.
The aim is to let participants feel comfortable by creating a friendly and pleasant relationship onboard and at the box.
Coaching can be held in English too.