Lotus Driving Experience

Lotus Driving Experience

Our business incentive program, which involves getting behind the wheel of a Lotus on the race track, provides participants with an educational and on-track driving experience at the helm of a high performance sports car that boasts technical features, dynamics and aesthetics almost identical to those of a professional race car, but without the intrinsic complexity of use. The cars are equipped with all the actuators and electronic controls featured on the latest GT models, and can therefore even be handled by inexperienced drivers.

The day begins with a welcome coffee and the usual participant registration procedures, followed by an introductory lesson on the characteristics of the various cars, as well as the track and the sport of racing itself. Each guest will be given a personal card, upon which the instructors will list their individual scores and their fastest times. These data will then be used to determine the final ranking, which, in addition to the speed obtained, will also take into account the participant's use of the vehicles, their learning ability, their driving style, and more. The guests, who are given a helmet, a disposable balaclava and driving gloves, take to the track behind the wheel of various sport car models manufactured by Lotus Cars Ltd, and alongside an experienced instructor who will guide them through their experience on the track and will encourage them to gradually improve their overall driving performance, which will subsequently be recorded.

This exciting and comprehensive sports activity generates a strong sense of involvement among the participants, and is designed to convey all the emotion of car racing in a user friendly format that offers a genuine 'sense of immersion'.

Circuit Company is in a partnership with Lotus Cars Ltd.
Out events are carried out driving several models of the English car manufacturer. Our fleet is composed of different models such as: Lotus Elise SC (220cv, 900kg) Lotus Exige S (240cv, 930kg), Lotus 2-11 (265cv, 675kg) and Lotus Exige V6 (350cv, 1180kg).

These cars are built with aeronautical techniques and they are light-weighted; they offer emotions and an aggressive behavior like racing cars even if they are user-friendly and safe with an ASB system, airbags and TCS (traction control system).
Our company benefits from the partnership with highly experienced driving instructors who have a specific and exclusive training for our incentive programs.
Our coaches are the result of a targeted selection; they are highly-trained instructors with a specific education on our incentive programs; they are objectively skilled and moreover, they can manage the relationship with our customer, also with motorsports beginners.
The aim is to let participants feel comfortable by creating a friendly and pleasant relationship onboard and at the box.
Coaching can be held in English too.