Mental coach&track

Mental Coach&Track

The original, innovative, highly captivating and experiential incentive event, branded by CircuitCompany. We combine passion for motorsports with educational corporate needs, by motivating your employees - or your staff! - with a blended program: mental coaching know-how and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) working side by side with using our cars. This project is developed by certified vocational teachers that take advantage of alternative tools to educate, motivate and improve your staff.

Why Mental Coach&Track:

  • It's interesting for companies that need to properly get ready in order to face their daily challenges
  • To make specific know-how and expertise in order to create the right attitude to prevent and forestall problems
  • The amazing power of your mind combined with motorsports suggests several solutions to different and variable corporate dynamics
  • Motorsport world is a perfect tool to spread changing values that sometimes are difficult to be adopted
  • It uses an alternative methodology which is emotional and engaging in order to teach your team

Our racers/instructors are flanked by certified vocational teachers that complete the driving experience adding also an educational side. Coach&Track is based on the motto “Don’t crack under pressure”.
The adequate mental and aptitudinal training, which is usually used in the motorsport field, hands over a company context. Coach&Track is organised with optimized and customized methods according to the designated corporate function.
It helps companies to creare a tangible and countable added value throughout staff performance improvement, it also helps cost reduction and the increasing of operating margins.
Our offered activities - for individuals and/or groups- enhance aptitudes, skills and problem solving abilities, but also team work and comunication.
Train your mind to manage stress, anxiety, motivation and concentration in a better way. Our offer can be bought en bloc, individually or asking for a custom-made offer.

Concentration and anxiety management module:

To guarantee best performance by facing all your challenges with the right approach and a perfect mind attitude.

High performance and team management module:

To create and to maintain a balanced habitat with your team, reaching a high performance level.

Motivation and communication module:

Remember that we can communicate without motivating, but it is impossible to motivate without communicating.

Visualisation and target module:

How to focus on your targets and how to use your visualization in order to achieve them.

Confidence module:

Confidence is the target where you can focus individual and staff performance on.

Mind is everything. Mental Coach & Track helps you to arise the hiddent and latent potential of people.

Circuit Company is in a partnership with Lotus Cars Ltd.
Out events are carried out driving several models of the English car manufacturer. Our fleet is composed of different models such as: Lotus Elise SC (220cv, 900kg) Lotus Exige S (240cv, 930kg), Lotus 2-11 (265cv, 675kg) and Lotus Exige V6 (350cv, 1180kg).

These cars are built with aeronautical techniques and they are light-weighted; they offer emotions and an aggressive behavior like racing cars even if they are user-friendly and safe with an ASB system, airbags and TCS (traction control system).
Our company benefits from the partnership with highly experienced driving instructors who have a specific and exclusive training for our incentive programs.
Our coaches are the result of a targeted selection; they are highly-trained instructors with a specific education on our incentive programs; they are objectively skilled and moreover, they can manage the relationship with our customer, also with motorsports beginners.
The aim is to let participants feel comfortable by creating a friendly and pleasant relationship onboard and at the box.
Coaching can be held in English too.