Circuit Company is the Motorsport Experience for those who want to feel the thrill of driving exceptional sportcars in the breath-taking framework of the Monza circuit, one of the most famous and well-known Italian and International ones.
Thanks to its partnership with Lotus Cars Ltd, our company provides to our customers the chance to drive the latest glorious models of this English car manufacturer. We start with the agile and nippy Elise S to the incredible 2-11 reaching the Exige V6 3500, a car which doesn't have to ask.
Circuit Company was born from the idea of a bunch of friends with agonistic circuit experiences and a rally-carting related past; the company aim is to wrap the emotions of motorsport with a Driving Experience format which is suitable for everybody. We are not talking about a normal driving course: it's a real and full-immersion experience on track with less theory and more driving sessions. Every customer can push as fast as he/she can or relax and enjoy unbelievable car performance.
Full days in the purest and traditional spirit of motor sports to drive and feel the car, explore its potential and behavior. Every customer is placed side by side to an highly-skilled tutor with racing experiences that will help the guest during the drive, knowing car reactions and discovering its potential.